River Racing/Chilling Out Time again in Central Florida

Suwannee Icebreaker BBQ - March 2 -4 2018 AND River Ranch April19 - 23 2018. Best way to get the details are to visit Scream and Fly online boating forum.




Its cold up there, even down here, but i'm guessing by March and April down here will definitely be a lot warmer than up there. I've had the blessing of experiencing for the first time the Suwanee river run last November. You have to experience it, I can't wait to do it again! What a beautiful river and so much fun getting to cruise with a bunch of cool boats. 

I want to add: This is not a race, this is not a speed run, But a gathering of enthusiasts on our beautiful Florida rivers who all share the same enthusiasm and love for boating. 

#AlwaysFlushIt with Marine Engine Flushers. #riverracer #offshore

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