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Boating Season is here! Time to get that bad boat in shape.

I know for you diehard racers it’s hard to believe, but boating season is just around the corner (at least for most of you Northerners). I have been blessed this year with some recent River and Ocean runs here in Central and South Florida that have been awesome.

Even though I get to use my boat more often than not, before every run there are checks I perform, some obvious, and some not.


1) Would be your fluids: Reservoirs, Gearcase and Motor Oil, Etc.

2) Fuel System: Fuel/water separators replace with new or make sure the old one is clean.

3) Bilge pumps: Make sure they operate accordingly, are free from any debris that could be trapped.

4) Do you have old hoses? check their condition, replace rusted clamps.

5) Electrical System: Inspect all battery terminals for corrosion, dirt, and that they're mechanically tight. And of course that they are fully charged.

The list can be extensive my point is: It’s better to be sure than to spend your first day out on the water fixing a problem that could have been easily avoided.

Not so Obvious:

1) Would be your fluids: Take an inventory; replenish as necessary. I have pulled up to many a gas station ready to fill my tank and find I only have enough Pre-mix for 1/2 a tank.

2) Fuel System: Old varnished gas will kill your fuel filters and not to mention the fuel delivery system like injectors and fuel regulators and of course hoses.

3) Safety gear: To make sure none made their way off the boat last season.

The list can be extensive my point is: I would encourage you to put together your own custom checklist to use year after year. Make the season out on the water a fun and positive experience, be safe, respect mother nature and your fellow boaters and the local laws.

Happy Boating from all of us here at Marine Engine Flushers!

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